Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 6:14 PM

Subject: Hello

> Hello, Rena. My name is Christine. I was reading your intro at
> AbortionTV and I felt inclined to write to you. I am a minority as well, my
> father being Spanish and Venezuelan and my mother being Irish, Blackfoot
> Indian and Black. I was reading, and as a pro-choicer, I simply shook my
> head. Well, I'm not going to condemn you or anything of the such, but even as
> I pro-choicer, I highly disagree with multiple abortions, especially within a
> short timeframe of each other.

>At any rate, I am curious to what led you to
> become anti-choice. I am very familiar with the claims of anti-choice, all of
> which have been refuted, and I want to know which ones captured you. Was it
> the misinterpretations of the Holy bible? (BTW, yes, I am Catholic and a
> member of Catholics for a Free Choice) Or is it the misinterpretations of
> medical information about fetal and embryo development? (I am taking an
> Embryology course at the University of Michigan)

>I, too, have had an abortion, I was 15. Maybe you have read some of my posts at "Yell at Us", I
> have been a regular since February of this year. I do not regret my choice,
> nor think ill of it. But seeing how my rights are trying to be infringed, I
> feel a certain duty to speak out and protect my rights, and the rights of my
> children when they come of childbearing age. How am I supposed to tell my 12
> year old daughter she has to keep her rapist's baby against her will because
> she has no right to bodily integrity? I was raped and got pregnant when I was
> 11, I know what it feels like. I was lucky enough to miscarry though. Two of
> my friends were forced to keep a pregnancy they did not want that was rape
> and incest caused at the age of 10. One is dead now because of it.

>Every single day I see teen girls squandering in filth and poverty because they
> were too holy to have an abortion, but not holy enough to keep their legs
> closed. Ironic. I see too many girls fall between the cracks because they
> took on too much responsibility too soon. I am not saying people can't make
> it, I am saying the majority DO NOT make it.

>It is a sad reality, yet it IS reality. No one should be forced into
> parenthood. Plus, I know very few pro-choicers that see abortion as a
> "quick-fix". We understand that it is something that will effect you for the
> rest of you life. Partenhood's effects are physical and mental, while
> abortion's and adoption's are usually mental. Each is a hard road to go down
> and I do not like when people try to make it seem as if it is a walk in the
> park. Babies ARE wonderful, fetuses and embryos, to some, yes. It's all in
> the eye of the beholder. The choice should be made between the woman, her
> doctor and her significant other, not by you OR me OR the government.
> Have a Blessed Day,
> Christine
> Pro-Choice, Pro-Woman, Pro-Future