The Inheritance

There was a woman named Jane. One day Jane found out that she had been given a great inheritance. But Jane was not exactly happy when she learned of this. Jane had plans for her life, and she was uncomfortable over what this sudden reward would mean to her. It did not matter that the inheritance was something that was priceless, unique, one of a kind. No, instead of being happy about the inheritance, Jane was troubled. You could even say that Jane was annoyed. Jane did not want her life disrupted by this sudden turn of events.

So instead of welcoming and embracing this wonderful inheritance, Jane looked for a way to get rid of it. Jane reasoned that if only she could destroy the inheritance, then she could get back to her carefully planned out life.

Now, there were hundreds of thousands of people in the world who would have given anything for such an inheritance -- people whose very dreams were made up of the chance to one day experience the reward that had been given to Jane. But to Jane the great inheritance held no interest and no value whatsoever.

Interestingly, Jane was also very selfish about her inheritance. Although she did not want the inheritance, she did not want anyone else to have it either. After all, it was hers to do what she wanted to do with it, or so she thought. No, Jane would rather destroy the inheritance, forget that she had ever even received it, and then just get back to her normal life. For, you see, Jane was a busy woman. She had places to go and things to accomplish, and nothing was going to rearrange the fabulous plans that she had for herself.

So Jane hired a man to help her get rid of her inheritance. Together they destroyed any evidence that this reward had ever been given to her. They tore the inheritance into as many tiny pieces as they could and threw it into the garbage can.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of story is this. Who would want to get rid of something priceless, something that is sought after by hundreds of thousands of people? You might be thinking that Jane must have been crazy or something.

But you know what? Many of us are just like Jane. At one time or another many of us were given something priceless, something one of a kind. We were given an inheritance that we did not deserve and could not take credit for. But instead of being thankful and treasuring our reward, we destroyed it because it did not fit into the plans we had for our lives. We made an appointment with a man, drove out to a place, and laid back idly while our inheritance was torn into tiny pieces and thrown into the garbage can. So many of us have done it that there is even a common name for it. It is called having an abortion.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 127:35, "Lo, children are a heritage (inheritance) of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward."

What have you done with your God-given inheritance? Did your reward from the Lord get torn apart and thrown out at some clinic as though it was just worthless garbage?

By: Rena



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