I have put together these study lessons over time. My husband and I teach an hour-long Bible study class one night a week at a juvenile prison facility. The young men range in age from 13 to 19. We usually will teach on a particular topic for an entire month.

The kids like to raise their hand to read the verses we tell them we will be using, and as we go through the lesson, we try to ask the kids questions and get examples of things happening in their lives that relate to the topic at hand. I cannot describe the joy and fulfillment I get from the time spent with our group.

I have included the lessons here on the site in case someone else has a Bible study class. Perhaps you can use these lessons yourself, or maybe they will give you ideas for lessons of your own. It is taking me a while to transfer them all here, but eventually I will have at least 50 lessons to share.

Your sister in Christ,


* P.S. We really could use your prayers. Lately we have been getting a lot of opposition from the staff members at the juvenile facility. There truly are some devils in that place, literally. These men seem to do everything in their power to hinder God's word from going forth. You would think they would want these troubled teens to hear bible teachings -- you would think.

Anyway, please keep us in your prayers starting on Tuesday morning and throughout the day. Pray that the Lord gives us access to the kids, that He removes any stumblingblocks put in our way, and that He opens the hearts and minds of the young people who attend the lessons. Thank you for your help!



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