The Monkey Story

I've heard this story told of a trick some hunters use to catch monkeys. It is said that hunters know that monkeys love rice. So to attract and catch a monkey, the hunter will get a coconut, bore a small hole into the coconut (just big enough for a monkey to get his hand inside). And then they half fill the coconut with warm rice and tie the coconut to a tree and hide a short distance away.

The monkey soon smells the rice and is drawn to the coconut. He reaches inside the coconut to grab a handful of rice. But once his hand is full and made into a fist, the monkey cannot pull his hand out of the coconut. Only if he lets the rice go will he be able to remove his hand. But the monkey is so greedy, so attracted to the prospect of rice for lunch, that he will not let go of the rice. He stands there stuck. He bangs the coconut, but to no avail.

Even as the hunter approaches, the monkey will not let go of the rice-filled coconut that is tied to the tree. The monkey's greed, his desire to "have it all" leads to his ultimate capture and destruction.

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