The triquetra symbol has its origins in the occult. It has always been associated with pagan beliefs, satanic practices, and witchcraft


The symbol was embraced and used by the satanic rock band Led Zeppelin. (Look in the green section of the label above their name)



The symbol is currently used in the satanic tv show about witches called "Charmed."


Here is a pendant found on a witchcraft supply website. This is worn by wicca followers for protection.


 A tarot card designed by the famous satanist Aliester Crowley. (Notice the triquetra being held by the man.)



Now, these triquetra tattoos above are on different people who claim that this mark symbolizes their Christian faith. But do you see any difference between these symbols and the symbols already shown? It is the same exact symbol!

Do you honestly believe that this mark is pleasing to our Holy, Righteous God? It is not!

I don't care if your favorite "Christian" musician wears this mark, or if your so-called Christian bible bears this mark, or if your confused pastor has a tie pin with this mark. This is not of God and does not glorify God in any way, shape, or form. Just because some other mislead or confused person embraces something, that does not make it right. God's Word tells us that the Lord has no pleasure in this type of symbolism or behavior!

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them!" (Ephesians 5:11)

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